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A deluxe Magic Fire Wallet!

This Fire Wallet trick comes in a well made leather wallet. It can be used as your regular wallet. It is a wallet that can hold your id,money,credit cards,etc. You can even show it to the audience as a regular wallet.

Now at any point in your show, you can have real flames literally shoot out the top of the wallet. Close the fire wallet and the flames are extinguished. Your wallet can be shown again ... no harm has come to it!.

You can repeat it whenever you want have the fire appear on top of the wallet.

Here's a nice gag - Open your wallet when you about to pay for something and the wallet catches on fire. The look on the cashier's face is going tot he priceless!

This is a great magic effect and the best part is that you can carry it with you and use it as a regular wallet.

* The fire wallet is for ADULT MAGICIANS ONLY!
* Only sold to those above 18 years of age.
* You are advised that any product that features fire is dangerous.
* The Magic Shoppe assumes no liability with any of the fire products/effects sold including this wallet.

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