Amazing Linking Mints


Since the invention of the Chinese Linking Rings, magicians have been magically linking things together. Now here's a similar trick with a difference... and what a DIFFERENCE!!!!

For this effect you take out a pack of mints from your pocket.

Two Polo or Lifesaver mints are taken our and shown to your audience.

You then hold them in your fingertips and proceed to press them together and with a wave of your hand, they are then shown to have linked together.

No funny moves. No pre-linked candies. No glue. No magnets. No wires. No strings. No pulls.

Now you pull them apart and display them as still being intact - in their original form.

Pop them mouth and enjoy ... both the audience's reaction and the magic :-)

This is close up magic at it's best.

With our bonus improved method, you can even hand it out for examination.

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